I'm Ben Bryant, an award-winning journalist and producer.

I specialise in original, exclusive stories and have worked on agenda-setting investigations for the BBCthe Sunday Timesthe TelegraphVICEthe Guardian, the Independent, the Evening Standard, Channel 4's Dispatches, BBC Panorama, and others.

Right now, I'm a Senior Writer and Producer for BBC Three, working on long-lead stories.

In September I broke the story of a special police investigation into a multimillion-pound counterfeit Xanax operation for The Sunday Times Magazine. I revealed that it was the biggest dark net drugs bust the UK has ever seen in a special report for the BBC. Before that, I obtained the largest cache of acid attack data ever released by London police, which killed a pervasive myth about the majority of attacks being carried out by Asian migrants.

I was a Producer/Correspondent for VICE News and its nightly show on US network HBO from 2014-17, and before that I worked in newspapers, starting as a trainee at the Telegraph and working my way up to its award-winning investigations team (2011-14).

At VICE I was the first to expose an illicit global market for state surveillance tech in a year-long investigation; I went through the interview of my career (so far!) probing a string of alleged murders in Kenya; and I made a film about the first human experiments with ketamine as a memory-weakening treatment for addiction.

As an investigative reporter at the Telegraph, I was part of the team that broke a series of Fifa corruption stories, exposed politicians in cash-for-access deals, and worked undercover and overseas to bring home international scoops that led to nominations at the Paul Foot and British Journalism Awards. 

I won a Hugh Cudlipp award in 2012. I've also been a judge for ceremonies including the Amnesty Media Awards (2018).

Want to talk?

Email me on bbwbryant@gmail.com. My Twitter is here and my employment history is on LinkedIn. Please ask for PGP.

Selected work is in the links on the left and (almost) everything I've ever done is stored chronologically on Content.ly. If you work in TV, my Talent Manager profile is here.

I offer consultancy services to organisations and production companies working on public-interest investigations. And I advise whistleblowers and journalists on best practice for protecting anonymity. I continue to work with many sensitive sources and have a clean record of protecting them. Please read this advice before getting in touch anonymously.