I'm Ben Bryant, an award-winning journalist and producer.

I specialise in original stories and access, and have worked on agenda-setting investigations for VICEthe Telegraphthe Guardian, the Independent, the Evening Standard, Channel 4's Dispatches, BBC Panorama, and others.

I've worked as a Producer-Correspondent for VICE News and its nightly show on HBO (2014-17), a Producer for VICE, an investigative reporter at the Telegraph (2011-14) and a features writer at the Evening Standard (2010-11).

I write news features about crime, technology, science and civil liberties. And I also write about culture, usually for VICE and the Telegraph.  

As a freelance producer/director I've exposed a black market for state surveillance tech, investigated alleged murder by a conservation charity, and covered the first experiments with a drug that can target and weaken specific memories, helping addicts forget their triggers.

As an investigative reporter at the Telegraph, I was part of the team that broke a series of Fifa corruption stories, exposed politicians in cash-for-access deals and worked undercover and overseas to bring home scoops that led to nominations at the Paul Foot and British Journalism Awards.

My writing won a Hugh Cudlipp award in 2012.

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I am also available for copywriting – email for previous clients.